CRYOLIST Message Guidelines

Below, I outline some guidelines that we have set forth for posting messages to the list. Please read these over and refer to them when posting.

  1. Do NOT include attachments – these are scrubbed from digest messages and users have to dig through the archives to find them. Instead, copy and paste text into the message itself.
  2. DO include a useful subject – “PhD position available at Ohio State University (USA)” is far better than “Please post this to CRYOLIST”. These subjects are preserved for eternity!
  3. Do NOT email moderators and ask them to post your messages. Send all messages to the list at CRYOLIST@CRYOLIST.ORG
  4. Do NOT hold lengthy discussion on the list. Reply to the original author. The original author should post a summary of the discussion back to the list.
  5. If you’re not sure if your message was sent, please wait 24 hours and then check the archives before asking the list moderators what happened.
  6. Those seeking opportunities are encouraged to search the CRYOLIST archives for previous announcements.